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Project STEAM Role Starts its Engine!

Project STEAM Role began its inaugural season with its first session on Saturday, October 8th. Girls who participated got an opportunity to learn about the goals of Project STEAM Role and all of the programming to which they have to look forward. PSR gives big thanks and shouts out to two organizations in the youth development arena that are helping make this project happen.

All Things Are Possible Foundation, a Willingboro-based youth development organization, has been kind enough to lend the necessary space and additional resources PSR needed to get off the ground. Dr. Tiffani Worthy, CEO and Chairwoman of the Board, and husband Dr. Carlos Worthy, COO, answered the call for the need to help equip young people with the skills necessary to become leaders in the community and beyond. They encouraged PSR Founding Director, Lori Ward to take the leap and to establish Project STEAM Role. Acting as the PSR's fiscal sponsor and avid supporter, ATAP plays an instrumental role in helping establish itself as an important member of the Willingboro youth-inspiring community.

Techbridge Girls, a national nonprofit organization with a mission to re-engineer STEM education for girls, has offered PSR the opportunity to be in its fall 2022 cohort of STEM educators. Their support, which includes training, networking opportunities and STEM materials and curricula, enables PSR to join the movement to ensure girls of color are afforded unbiased entry into the world of STEM.

"I am so excited about the launch of Project STEAM Role," says Lori Ward, the impetus behind the project. "With the support of partners like ATAP and Techbridge Girls, we will have the opportunity to reach girls of color in Willingboro who may or may not even realize they have an aptitude for STEAM. Our goal is to introduce this world to them in a way that is fun and engaging and ignites their curiosity to think about STEAM fields as a future career. I could go on and on about the importance of involving girls of color through conversations and experience, in the world of STEAM, but I will let the PSR do the talking or me. Let's just say I can't wait to see how PSR grows and impacts girls' outlooks on themselves and their futures!"

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