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Project STEAM Role is Gathering Steam and Getting Set for September 10th!

Project STEAM Role will begin its first program year September 10, 2022 in Willingboro, NJ. With the generous support of the ATAP (All Things Are Possible) Foundation, Project STEAM Role has found a home where it can bring STEAM to life for 5th to 8th grade girls of color.

"I am so excited for this opportunity," says project creator, Lori Ward. "The notion of having a program dedicated to introducing young girls who remind me of my younger self to the world of STEAM has been rattling around in my head for quite some time now. I was always interested in these disciplines, but hadn't been introduced to the range of STEAM opportunities when I was choosing a career path."

"I want girls to know they have options. Through this project they will meet women who look them who are paving the way in STEAM and making a difference in the world. These interactions will show them they have the capacity to one day do the same. I was told by a wise woman to take my idea from a simmer to a boil, and that's exactly what I am doing...and moving full STEAM ahead!"

If you are interested in registering a young lady for this year's first cohort of STEAMers or would like to be a volunteer STEAM Roler, we welcome you to join the Project STEAM Role crew.

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